Data Integrity and Backups

It’s more than an item on a checklist. Your business relies on data, and anything from routine hard drive failures to ransomware can destroy that data in an instant.

Rock-solid backups are crucial to a company’s digital well-being.

Determine Size and Scope of backups

Companies have a lot of data. Understanding what data is important and where that data is housed is crucial to creating a complete backup solution.

Are there important files hidden in an employee’s My Documents folder? Are your data servers backed up? We’ll help you make sure nothing important is missed, and then you can retrieve data from those backups quickly.

Understand the Risks

Backups are about risk management. We meet with your team to understand what risks you want to defend yourself against.

  • Physical Damage: Fire, flood, and equipment failure.
  • Data Corruption: Hardware and software failure.
  • Human Failure: Accidental deletion or modification of data.
  • Malicious actors: Viruses, ransomware, and hackers.

Deploy Solutions

Once risks are assessed and scopes are defined, a solution can be deployed. Our backup solutions meet the following criteria.

  1. Auditable and testable. You need to know backups are always working.
  2. Unchangeable/Immutable. Once backups are created, they cannot be changed or corrupted.
  3. Automated. Backups should not require human intervention to function.

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From initial data audit to final implementation and routine testing of your backup solution, our team can help ensure everything goes smoothly and that your backups can provide the protection your data needs.